Women eat 4 kinds of foods to help detoxify

The most effective way to detoxify your body is to control the foods and chemicals you eat daily. This is the simplest and most important way to reduce the burden on your body. However, detoxification is a bit like the outer window of a skyscraper that you have been struggling to clean. After a few days, a thick layer of dirt accumulates on the glass. The detoxification mechanism of the human body will never be able to catch up with the speed of waste accumulation. Therefore, it is important that you must take three precepts before detoxifying your diet.

1, eat more kelp to help detoxification
Kelp is rich in trace elements and can supplement many nutrients that the body lacks. People who like to eat kelp in daily life are relatively healthy. A substance called alginic acid in kelp can absorb radioactive toxic elements in the human intestine, which can effectively excrete the earthworms and contribute to their health. Especially in the prevention of leukemia, kelp can play a very good preventive effect. Kelp can also play a proactive role in the release of the toxic element cadmium. The proper preparation of seaweed in the preparation phase of pregnancy will help to conceive healthy pregnancy. After pregnancy, women may also eat seaweed properly, and during the month of childbirth, they can also eat seaweed. However, kelp is a good ingredient for women’s beauty and beauty!

2, eat more blood to promote detoxification
Many mums may never eat pig blood because they are afraid of unclean pig blood, but in fact, pig blood has a good detoxification effect, and it can discharge some of the human body’s dust and metal particles in the air. In daily life, it is best to eat one or two pig blood every other week or so. The plasma proteins in the pig’s blood can produce detoxification substances during digestion and decomposition, and toxic substances are excreted through the intestines. In addition to the benefits of vacuuming the pig’s blood, there is the role of bowel and bowel movements. Pregnant women must remember to eat more pig blood.

3, eat more apples to promote detoxification
Among the many beauty and beauty fruits, apples are the most popular fruits for people to enjoy and accept. Apple is rich in vitamins, crude fiber, promote the digestion of the stomach, remove the body’s toxins, improve the body’s immunity and other effects, help women’s health. The Western saying of “a solar eclipse and a doctor away from me” shows that Apple’s detoxification effect is very good. During pregnancy, women can eat more apples, help the body detoxification, as well as the effect of beauty and beauty Oh!

4, eat more fruits and vegetables
When it comes to detoxification foods, the best natural thing is fruits and vegetables! During pregnancy, women should not avoid large amounts of meat, a lot of tonic, not conducive to a smooth conception, but also lead to gastrointestinal indigestion. The body can not absorb the corresponding nutrients, resulting in symptoms such as constipation, over time, it will accumulate toxins, face Changdou, urine yellow, loss of appetite and other adverse reactions. During pregnancy, women should eat more fruits and vegetables to ensure the intake of vitamins and water, promote gastrointestinal motility, and detoxify healthy people. The toxic substances in the intestine will be excreted by the absorption of crude fiber.